How to prevent trachoma?


Trachoma is a chronic infectious disease of the conjunctiva and cornea. It is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. Trachoma produces inflammation and scarring of the conjunctiva. This leads to inward deviation of eyelashes and lid margin. The eyelashes produce abrasion of the cornea which results in corneal ulcer. Ultimately it leads to blindness.


1. Direct contact from person to person as they sleep together.


2. Indirect contact through fomites such as towels, kerchiefs and pillows.

3. Mechanical transmission by flies.

Prevention and control

1. Mass treatment of all people with drugs like sulfonamides and tetracycline’s.


2. Surgical correction of eyelid deformities.

3. Environmental sanitation like fly control, safe water supply, improvement of personal and general hygiene.

4. Health education about cleanliness of family members and the environments.


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