Tetanus is an acute disease caused by the exotoxin of Claus- tritium tatami. Tetanus is characterized by muscular rigidity and painful spasm of voluntary muscles. The spasm of masseters pro­duces lock-jaw. The spasm of facial muscles produces rises sar- dunces. The spasm of back and neck muscles produces opisthotonus. The rate of death is high with tetanus.


Tetanus spores enter through contaminated wounds, injury or abrasions. The injuries may be trivial pin prick, puncture wounds, unsterile surgery, dental extraction, injections, unsterile cutting of umbilical cord, fractures etc.

Prevention and control


Improvement of general hygiene.

Active immunization with tetanus toxoid (TT). Children and pregnant meters must be immunized. Children must revive DPT at the 6th, 10th and 14th week and a booster dose at 18 months. In women, for the first pregnancy they must receive two doses of TT. For the second and subsequent deliveries one dose is enough.

3 Passive immunization with ATS or human tetanus immunoglobulin for immediate protection after trauma

4. Local treatment and cleaning of all detriment.


5. Chemoprophylaxis with antibiotics tetracycline.