Influenza is an acute respiratory tract infection. It is caused by influenza virus.


Influenza is characterized by sudden onset of chills, malaise, fever, cough and muscular pain. Fever lasts for 1 to 5 days.



It is by droplet infection or droplet nuclei created by sneezing, coughing or talking. The virus enters through the respiratory tract.


Influenza can be prevented by the administrations of vaccines. The vaccines available are:

1. killed vaccine


2. Live attenuated vaccine

3. Split virus vaccine

4. Neuraminidase-specific vaccine

5. Recombinant vaccine


The prophylactic drug is amantadine.

Epidemic control

1. Immediate and daily reporting to DGHS, New Delhi and State Directorate.

2. Laboratory confirmation of the outbreak.


3. Medical profession and the public must be informed about diagnosis and treatment measures.

4. Painting the throat with mantle’s solution.

5. In severe cases intramuscular colloidal iodine must the administered.