How to prevent filariasis?


Filariasis is a communicable disease caused by three parasites: W. Bancroft, B. Malayi and B. Tamari. The symptoms of filariasis are lymphangitis lymphadenitis, elephantiasis of genitals, legs, arms etc. Also, pulmonary eosinophilia may be produced.

Vectors of filariasis

The vectors of W. Bancroft are Culet, Anopheles and Aides mosquitoes


The vectors for B. Malaya and B. Timor are Monona mos­quitoes.

Transmission: Filariasis is transmitted by the bite of infected vector mosquitoes. The parasite is deposited near the site of punc­ture. It passes through the skin and reaches the lymphatic system.

Prevention and control

1. Chemotherapy: Diethylcarbamazine can be given to every one in endemic areas or to those who are microfilaria positive.


2. Vector control: (a) Using larvicides like abate and baytex. (b) Anti adult measures like pyrethrum spray.

3. Health education: About good drainage, antimosquitoe measures and filariasis treatment.


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