Coronary heart disease (CHD) is also called as ischemic heart disease. It is defined as “impairment of heart function due to inade­quate coronary circulation”. It occurs due to obstructive changes in coronary circulation of the heart.

Forms of coronary heart disease

Various forms of this disease are 1. angina pectoris 2. myo­cardial interaction 3. cardiac failure 4. sudden death.



CHD occurs mostly in the age group of 50 to 60 years. But it may occur around 40 years. Males are affected more than females.


The predisposing factors for CHD are:

1. Diet rich in fat and refined sugar


2. Hypertension and diabetes

3. Heavy smoking and excessive alcohol

4. Sedentary life and lack of exercise.

5. Obesity and increased body weight.


6. Thyrotoxicosis and gout.

Prevention and control

Major preventive measures are to avoid the above predispos­ing factors.

1. Avoidance of fatty diet


2. Control of hypertension and diabetes.

3. Avoidance of smoking and alcohol.

4. Improvement in life style and exercise.

5. Regulation of body weight.


6. Regular periodic check up especially in elderly persons.

7. Health education about risk factors in CHD and advice to avoid them.