How to prevent cardiovascular diseases?


Cardiovascular diseases constitute the leading cause of death in most countries. They are responsible for about 50 per cent of tofal mortality.


Cardiovascular diseases are classified as:


Congenital : Ventricular sepal defect (VSD)

Acquired : Rheumatic heart disease Hypertension Coronary heart disease Stroke.


Congenital heart diseases are caused by rubella and viral infec­tions. Also they are caused by ingestion of harmful drugs by preg­nant mothers.


Acquired heart diseases are caused by a variety of factors. They are 1. hypertension 2. obesity diabetes 4. smoking 5. lack of exercise 6. heredity

Prevention and control

1. Reduction of fat intake

2 Maintenance of normal body weight


3. Avoiding tobacco smoking

4. increasing physical activity

5. Identifying and treating diabetes and hypertension.

6. Specific treatment for congenital defects or surgery


7. Advanced treatment and follow up in patients with infarction, angina etc.

8. Health education about heart diseases and methods of prevention.

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