How to make Wheat Germ?


Wheat Germ can be easily made at home by soaking good quality grain in a shallow dish with just sufficient water to cover it. At all stages during this soaking, which lasts three days, excess water should be avoided. In cold weather an extra 24 to 36 hours may be needed to complete the germination.

The sprouted wheat grain has a distinctive flavour, is quite soft and can be used in a variety of salads. It will keep in the refrigerator for about a fortnight if stored in a polythene bag.

Alternatively, the germinated grain could be partially sun-dried and made into fine flakes in a stone or masala grinder. In this form it can be used as a salad dressing, for thickening gravies and for fortifying milk or curd (which will become rich and creamy). Flaked wheat germ will keep for a week in tightly stoppered bottles on the shelf before turning rancid. Its storage life in a refrigerator is over three weeks.


The sprouts could also be completely sun-dried, lightly toasted and used as a breakfast cereal after being broken up. If ground into a fine flour it can be used to make delicious vegetable cutlets and to fortify other flours.

During germination its nutritive value is greatly enhanced, and there is a significant increase in the protein, B-complex and vitamin contents.


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