How to Develop more and more Confidence?


Everybody we meet wants to be confident, for meeting any situation in life. If you are waiting for the perfect conditions, ideas or plans to get started, you can sure that you can wait till eternity and still, you will never start. This is for the simpler reason that will never have ideal circumstances. The time to act is not only now, but you also need to work on yourself, for bettering yourself, all the time, irrespective of the fact, whether you are working for yourself or others.

The most important thing, in building self confidence, is to grid up your loins and takes action. Working on something, and being on it, till it is done, is the greatest confidence builder. There is no short cut to action. Just sitting and mulling over anything, will not leads to its accomplishment. For getting anything done, we simply need to focus on it, to the exclusion of everything else. For succeeding in life, or in any other venture, we need confidence and the key to having confidence is the preparation.

We have to face our fears. It is best to bear in mind, that everybody has some fear or the other in life. Let us bear in mind that neither being wrong nor failing, in any venture, would kill us. Each one of us has to face our own fears.


We should review our own failures and deeply introspect, as to, what has led to same. Our effort should be, to learn from every such situation. Life is tough master as it gives experience first and lesson after wards. Ideally, we should learn from other people’s mistakes and failures. However, most people, like to make their own mistakes, before they correct their direction and path.

To build up your confidence, you should know and utilize your own strengths. Confidence is built up on achievements. The more you succeed, the more confident, you would be. For succeeding, you have to be more productive.

The world’s best and cheapest productivity tool is to say No to the things and people, who sap your confidence. Always be working towards your vision, goal and dream. The same is applicable for your occupation and calling, as well as your leisure pursuit and relaxation. One of the important inputs into the confidence building, is the way, the way, we walk, talk, the tone of our voice and how we interacts with others.

It is not very important as to what we say to others, but how we say. These qualities show whether we are confident calm or casual. Our body language gives way, whether we are comfortable or we have anything to hide, or we are displeased with others and so do not want to talk to them. A simple or fidgeting or a sharp glance or a limp hand shake or hands in pockets, reveal more about us than most of us are inclined to believe.


For showing our best and confident side, when talking to other persons, we should look in their eyes, but not stare awkwardly. We maintain our eye contact with others without being disrespectful. When talking to others, we should not stare at the ground or look side ways. We should radiate confidence, when we look at others. Our postures should be erect and not hunched back or stiff.

A confident person is always cheerful and smiling. Smiling gives good feeling to the person, who smiles, as well as, to the person at whom the smile is directed. You do not have to grin all the time, but remember that a smile disarms even hostile people. So, do not be afraid, to be liberal with it. A smile puts others at ease and makes a good impression on them. Frankly speaking, my own experience shows that a serious look put people off and immediately generates distance between the two sides.

For developing your confidence, every move your make and every muscle you move, should be the result of a conscious decision and not caused by an instant whim. It is important to be always calm and relaxed. Cultivating clarity of mind and speech will enable you to make a good impression by your sensitivity and intelligence.

Occasionally, all of us find ourselves into a situation where we feel out of place or unsure or ourselves. The first thing we must bear in mind that we are not alone in this type of predicament. In such circumstances, we should put a smile on our face and practice a positive attribute to discover as to how best we can tackle such a situation.


In such state of affairs, not only you should tell yourself that you can handle such a situation but work on it as if it was impossible to fail. Use positive words about your competence and your ability, which reinforce your confidence rather than undetermined it. Whatever be your situation never twist or bow your head.

Always hold it high and look the world in the face. We must always bear in mind that nothing builds our confidence more except the accomplishment of our goal. This is possible only by taking action. Facing fear is the only way to overcome it.

Also study and then visualize as to how other confident person you know, would have handle any predicament or a crisis which you might be facing. You must treat yourself as your best friend and focus on the positive things about yourself.

Compliment and praise yourself several times a day. Contributing to others with words and actions not only makes us feel good, but also enhances our self-esteem. Developing and maintaining a high self esteem, is pivotal to our self confidence and success in life. Whatever be the state of affairs, there is a silver lining even in the darkest of the clouds. Encourage and support yourself with positive self-talk whenever you face any problem or a stumbling block.


We should be always be focusing on the good and positive and invariably except win situation in all conditions. All of us often waste a lot of our valuable time and energy worrying about what might happen, even if we have no control over the situation. Instead of wasting energy, we should focus on the things we can control. Apart from this, we should focus on the problems as they arise. It is wisely said that “He who grieves, before is necessary, grieves more than is necessary”.


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