Conservation of natural resources has become a major focus of a number of international organizations and treaties.

A particular challenge is that some of the world’s richest areas, in terms of biodiversity, lie in developing countries, which must balance protection of their natural resources with the need to clothe and feed their populations.

Many conservationists believe that better, long-term solutions, should help developing countries protect wildlife and ecosystems in ways that benefit both human and non-human inhabitants, while taking into consideration the limited resources available.

Role of an Individual in Conservation of Natural Resources


‘Environment protection’ means limiting the impairment of environment and it includes conservation of resources. It has three main objectives:

1. To prevent damage and discomfort

2. To improve productivity and pleasure and,

3. To maintain balance of the ecosystem.


These efforts will pay us back in terms of money, economy, productivity, social justice, clean surroundings and sound health.


Conservation is sustainable use of natural resources, such as soils, water plants, animals and minerals. To conserve natural resources an individual can do these things.

1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.


2. Replace energy-hungry incandescent lights with fluorescent lighting.

3. Check with your utility company for energy conservation tips.

4. Use a programmable thermostat that automatically turns off the air conditioner or heater when you don’t need them.

5. Use a fan instead of air-conditioning.


6. Choose recycled products.

7. Have your gas appliances and heaters regularly inspected and maintained.

8. Walk or use on a bike.

9. Be within the set speed limit.


10. Replace your car’s air filter.

11. Ensure that the tires are adequately inflated.

12. Report smoking vehicles.

13. Improve the quality of landscapes, which includes soils, water, etc.


14. Maintain the production of ‘clean’ food.

15. Don’t waste water.

16. Stop hunting and over-exploitatition, mainly for commercial and often illegal purposes.

17. Stop improper use of agro-chemicals, and reduce the pollution.

18. Plant trees. Stop illegal cutting of trees.

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