How to conserve forest resources?


Generally, conservation is defined as wise use of natural resources. A widely favoured definition is that “conservation is the use of natural resources for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time.” Conservation thus implies both the development and the protection of resources.

Here conservation of forest resources implies optimum development of the forest products and retaining their perennial supply as well. Therefore, it includes the plan for highest productivity as well as the highest restoration of the products.

To bring the forests to their optimal production and utilization consistent with the sound principle of scientific management and considerations of conservation, the following measures:


1. Provision of more accurate and comprehensive estimates of quantity and quality of existing resources.

2. Improvement of existing forests by suitable silviculture and management practices by, (a) reservation and protection of more forests, (b) introduction of working plans.

3. Intensive forestry and plantation of fast growing industrial woods on suitable deforested sites.

4. Adoption of modern techniques and development of the transport system to increase productivity.


5. Stimulation to suitable forest-based industries.

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