Social growth or development of children is very important process. Teacher can facilitate social development of his/her students.

Teacher should create a healthy social atmosphere in and outside the classroom where students could develop/learn social relations, norms, values etc.

Teacher should provide various group activities for students where students could work participate and co-operatively with their classmates. Teacher should try to develop healthy and desirable social relations among classmates.

The aim of education should be to develop in the student’s useful knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes that are fundamental to successful and effective social living. Teacher should try to make an environment where students would not develop the feeling of being inferior to others.


Teacher should not make any difference among his/her students due to their caste, sex, religion, social class etc. The organization of clubs, camps, group and societies is also very helpful in maintaining the social health of children.

Teacher should leave the activities of these organizations entirely in the hands of children themselves. Judicious guidance, advice and direction of the programmes by the teacher are always helpful in getting the maximum social gain out of these group activities. Thus teacher can facilitate social development of students very much.