How to change your name legally in Pakistan?


Disclaimer: This information is just for the purpose of information and should not be considered as any legal consultancy.

Do you really want to change your name? Well, in Pakistan anyone can change his/her name legally by just following the below mentioned points. But before that ask yourself, why you really want to change your name?

Some people have to change their name after marriage (especially woman) and some want to change their name with a view to start a new beginning and new life (from astrological point of view.) and last but not the least some people want to change their name because their don’t like their own current name.

Things you need to do:

1. Ascertain the specific reason for changing your name.


2. Choose your new name carefully.

3. Contact a lawyer or directly go to your local Notary Officer for registration an affidavit mentioning therein the reasons for changing your name mentioning therein your current name and new name.

4. Printout few copies of your affidavit and then you have to make a press release in your local newspaper regarding change of your name.


5. Wait for at least a couple of weeks and then you have to make Gazette notification regarding change of your name. This process may take few days depending upon their efficiency.

6. The original copies of the “Gazette Notification” are very important. You should preserve it for lifetime. These copies will help you to change you Voter ID, Bank name and etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my old name in my School certificate to my new name after the above mentioned process?

Ans. Very Difficult! Generally it is very difficult to change your name in your past school certificates. But you can give you new name in all your future certificates.


Can I change my name twice?

If your reasons are genuine, you can change your name twice by following the above process.

Can I change the name in my Birth Certificate?

Ans: Very Difficult!


Can I change my name in my Job Certificate?

Ans: Yes

Can I change my Passport name?

And : Yes


Is the consultancy of a lawyer is mandatory?

No, you can do it by yourself.

Should I change my Name?

Ask yourself at least 10 times , should you really require changing your name. If your purpose is noble then move ahead, otherwise why to unnecessary take so much burden.


  1. You must first consult your parents, spouse and friends regarding this.
  2. When you change your name for astrological reasons many people will raise their eyebrows and will look towards you in suspicious eyes. Thus be prepared for this.
  3. Generally stars will not move across, by just changing your name. So think before you change your name.

Any doubt?

Ask your questions in the below given comment system?

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