Would you consider the Non Co-operation movement a failure?


The Non Co-operation Movement of 1920 failed to achieve its immediate goal of establishing Swaraj in India. But this apparent failure must not blind us about the immense impact the movement had on India and her people.

Firstly, the Non Co-operation was the first mass-movement of its kind that touched the people even of the remotest village.

Secondly, the movement augmented the organizational strength of the Indian National Congress. Indian people could realise that it was through this organisation that the goal for Swaraj could be achieved.


Thirdly, the movement increased the self-confidence of the people. People were now inspired with the morale to challenge the imperialist rule of the British.

Fourthly, the social impact of the movement was no less important. From this time onwards people became conscious of the social evils like untouchability, communalism, caste barriers, etc. and efforts were made to generate a public opinion against them.

Considering what has been said above it may be asserted that the immediate failure of the Non Co-operation Movement far outweighed its far-reaching consequences.

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