An age is called the golden age when there has been an all out improvement in the country. Such may very well be said in respect of the Gupta period.

(1) First, under the great Guptas the country remained free from foreign invasion except the invasion of the Hunas who were defeated.

(2) Second, a host of literary persons appeared in the Gupta period to make it memorable.

(3) Third, economically the country became prosperous because of the Indo-Roman trade.


(4) Fourth, the Gupta period was an age or advancement is science and technology.

Varahamihira, the great astronomer belonged to the Gupta period.

(5) Fifth, again, it was in the Gupta period that the Indian art proper had taken deep roots in the soil of the country.

Considering all this the Gupta period may be regarded as the ‘golden age’ of ancient India.