The first session of the Indian National Congress was held in Bombay on 28 December, 1885.

The renowned Barrister of Bengal Womesh Chandra Banerjee (famous as ‘W. C. Bonerjee’) was the elected President of the first session of the Indian National Congress.

In his Presidential address Womesh Chandra appealed to the members to build up the Indian National Congress as a real political organization.

The objectives of the Congress were deformed by him in the following words:


(1) Promotion of intimacy and friendship among the earnest workers in different parts of the country who had been working for the country’s cause.

(2) Eradication of all possible race, creed or provincial prejudices in order to develop sentiments of national unity.

(3) To discuss the mature opinions of the educated classes in India on important and pressing social problems.

To determine the methods of action to be pursued by the Indian politicians for public interests during the next one year.


Apart from declaration of the four objectives of the Congress, the first session adopted a number of resolutions on the political and economic: problems of India.