Why were the ratings of the RIN burst out in rebellion? How did the Revolt spread? What was the importance of RIN Revolt? – Answered

a. Causes of the Revolt:

The ratings of the Royal Indian Navy (RIN) broke out in rebellion in protest against their various grievances.

First, the discriminatory treatment meted out to the ratings by their senior naval officers created deep resentment in them.


Secondly, the revolutionary fervour generated among the ratings operated in an organizational level when the ratings themselves formed the Naval Strike Committee.

This Committee had been secretly organizing the ratings to break out in rebellion for quite some time thirdly, it may be said without any fear of contradiction that the discontent of the ratings was fired by the spirit of freedom and inspired by the Indian national movement.

b. Spread of the Revolt:

The revolt of the ratings of the Royal Indian Navy, however, did not remain confined to them alone. Soon they were joined by the air force and general army.


There were sympathetic strikes among the air force and army corps. Even common people came out in support of the ratings and demonstrations and strikes were held all over the country.

However, before, the situation could take a serious turn an understanding was reached and the strikes, etc. were called off through the mediation of Vallalhbhai Patel.

c. Importance of the RIN Revolt:

The Indian National Army of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose could not free the country from foreign yoke.


Yet it is impossible to ignore or underestimate the impact of the patriotic fight of the INA for the cause of the country.

Firstly, as it has been pointed out by Sumit Sarkar that the fight for country’s liberation led by a Bengali was an exception to the traditional British concept of India’s martial races.

Secondly, the British government realised that it will not be possible for them to rule over India any longer.

Thirdly, the heroic sacrifice of the INA soldiers did not go in vain. Within two years after the surrender of the INA soldiers the British had to leave the country.


Fourthly, the fight of the INA soldiers inspired the British Indian Army to burst out in Revolt.