Why is the Two-Nation theory unhistorical?


The Two-Nation theory was propounded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah at the Lahore session of the All India Muslim League.

The moot point in the Two-Nation theory was that the Hindus and Muslims were, according to Jinnah, two separate nations.

And it was pointed out that the two belonged to different religions, social customs, etc. In fact, the Two-Natidn theory end the Lahore Resolution led to the foundation of ‘Pakistan’.


But the Two-Nation theory was put forward by Jinnah in total falsification of the history of the Indian people for; it is not unknown that long years of Hindu-Muslim co- existence led to mutual influence.

The Two-Nation theory was also unhistorical from the aspect of language, literature and the social manners and customs of the Hindu and Muslims in India.

Indeed, this communal approach of the Muslim League was opposed by the nationalist section of the Muslim community.

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