Why is Iltutmish regarded as the ‘real founder’ of the Delhi Sultanate? Which Mongol leader appeared at the frontier of India during his time? Who succeeded Iltutmish as the Sultan of Delhi? – Answered

a. Real Funder:

Qutbuddin Aibek was succeeded by Iltutmish. During the short rule of Qutbuddin he could not consolidate the newly founded Delhi Sultanate.

Hence it was the primary task of Iltutmish to consolidate the conquests made by his predecessors. Iltutmish ensured the security of the Delhi Sultanate from internal dangers as also from foreign aggressions.


Iltutmish first brought order out of prevailing chaos and thereby secured the throne for him.

Also he quelled the rebellious governors. Iltutmish offered no opportunity to Chengiz Khan to invade India.

Iltutmish also organized the administrative system by introducing various reforms.

It has been thus pointed out by the eminent historian K.A. Nizami that Iltutmish by introducing an efficient administrative system and well-organized army, and also by giving an independent status to the Delhi Sultanate laid the real foundation of state’ in India.


b. The Mongol Leader:

Chengiz Khan appeared at the frontiers of India during the rule of Iltutmish in 1221.

c. Successor to Iltutmish:

Razia succeeded Iltutmish as the Sultan of Delhi.