The religious and social reforms movement gained momentum during the latter half of the 19th century because of the following reasons:

a) The emergence of great social reformers:

During the 19th century reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Swami Dayanand, Keshav Chandra Sen, M.G. Ranade, Syed Ahmed Khan etc. took the cause of reforming society.

b) Effect of western education:


The modern education helped a lot in the awakening of India. It brought the Indian people in close contact with the Western philosophers and thinkers who inspired them.

c) Self-realization:

The educated people realized the backwardness of their society and were pained to see the sufferings, ills and evils pervading the society.

d) The rise of National Movement:


The rise of the National Movement in the latter half of the 19th century had a great impact on the social and religious reforms movement.