Who recommended the Aryasatvas? Write about the teaching of Gautama Buddha


The Buddhist Nirvana is the release from rebirth. For the attainment of Nirvana or salvation Gautama Buddha has prescribed the realization of four Noble Truth or Aryasatyas. These are : (a) life is full of sorrow (b) the sorrow is caused by desire for earthly things (c) cessation of this desire bring salvation and (d) cessation of the desire can be achieved by following; the Noble Eight-fold Path, that is, Astangikamarga.

By Astangikamarga Gautama Buddha meant eight behaviors that on should follow to attain nirvana or salvation. These are : (1) proper vision (2) right aim (3) right speech (4) proper action (5) proper livelihood (6) right effort (7) correct awareness and (8) mediation.

The Noble Eight-fold Path or Astangikamarga is also known as the Middle Path or Madhya pantha, because it avoids two extremes- sensuality on the one hand, and extreme asceticism on the other.


Gautama Buddha initiated his religion keeping in view the people belonging to the lower stratum of the society. But the appeal o Buddhism was not confined to any particular social class.

In fact Buddhism appealed to people irrespective of their caste and creed Not only that, even many of the contemporary rulers embraced. Buddhism and took initiative in spreading it in and outside the country.

In this respect mention may be made of the Maurya Emperor Asoka and the Kushana Emperor Kanishka. It was due to their missionary activities that Buddhism spread in different countries of Asia.

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