Which part of the India was first conquered by the Muslims and when?


a. First Muslim Conquest in India:

Sind was the first Muslim conquest in India. It was conquered in 712 AD.

b. The Delhi Sultanate:


The plundering raids of Sultan Mahmud could make no permanent impression on the Indian princes. But the raids definitely weakened the Indian princes and they never gave up mutual quarrel.

The result was that when Muizuddin (Muhammad Ghori) invaded India the Indian princes failed “to resist him.

Muizuddin entered India through the Gomal pass. He came to India with the aim of a permanent conquest.

That is the reason why Muzuddin’s military expedition was directed against the fertile lands of Sine, and Punjab.


However, in the first battle of Tarain (1191) Muizuddin’s army was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan of Ajmer, in Rajputana.

The initial defeat, however, did not dishearten Muizuddin. He subsequently made elaborate preparation for a second contest with the Chauhan chief.

In the second battle of Tarain (1192) Prithviraj was thoroughly defeated by Muhammad Ghori. The second battle of Tarain laid the foundation of the Muslim rule in the mainland of India.

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