Which City in West Asia is the Holy Place of three World Religions?


Palestine (Jerusalem) in West Asia became the home of three major religions, namely (a) Judaism, (b) Christianity and (c) Islam. Pluralism was at the heart of ancient religion. Each group of humanity expressed its honoring its own Gods who were adapted to their social needs.

(a) Judaism It is the religion of the Jews or Hebrew people, also referred to as “the Chosen people of God”, with their capital at Jerusalem. Their great leaders were Abraham. Moses and Solomon. They worship the God Yahweh and their sacred texts are the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. Judaism preaches justice, mercy, humility and repentance of sins. The Jews are still awaiting the coming of a Messiah or messenger of God. Who will clean will the world of sin and purify the Hebrews. On the contrary, the Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah.

(b) Christianity Jesus Christ, a Jew born at Bethlehem, was the founder religion and the Christian era begins from 1 AD, which is the year of Jesus’ birth. He became famous as a great healer and one who fearlessly criticized the evil actions of the rich for which he was crucified by the Roman Governors of Palestine. Christians believe that Jesus’ death cleansed the world of sin and ushered in the Kingdom of God, built by man purified by faith and love in God. When the Roman emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, it became the official religion of the Roman Empire and spread far and wide. The holy book of the Christians is the Bible and the New Testament of the Bible.


(c) Islam Muhammad was the Prophet of Islam, born in Mecca, Arabia in 571 AD. Islam is a monotheistic religion believing in one all powerful Good Allah. Their holy book is the Koran. The daily life of Muslims is guided by the Sunna (practices of the Prophet) and the Hadees (sayings of the Prophet) which ensure correct behaviour. Islam lies down

Five Principle and certain observances and taboos to regulate the life of Muslims. The Kaba in Mecca is a place where Muslims go on Haj or pilgrimage.

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