When did Siraj ascend the throne of Bengal? Who were jealous of his appointment? How a conspiracy was hatched against Siraj?

a. Siraj on the Throne:

Sirajuddowla became the Nawab of Bengal in 1756.

b. Jealousies:


Some members of the Nawab’s family were jealous of Siraj and they did not like to see him as the Nawab of Bengal. They were two close relations of Siraj-Saukat Jung and Ghasiti Begum.

c. The Conspiracy:

There were many causes of the rupture of relationship between Siraj and the English. But the influential persons in the Nawab’s administration were also not happy with Siraj.

However, when the English were determined to overthrow Siraj for their own interest they were joined by those influential persons. And all of them combined together and hatched a conspiracy.


However, even the treaty of Alinagar failed to establish peace between the English and Sirajuddowla.

For, the English were now determined to depose Sirajuddowla from the Nawabship of Bengal. Clive conspired with the treacherous Mir Jafar, the commander of the Nawab’s army.

As also with other disgruntled officers such as R.ai Durlav, Omi Chand, etc. for the deposition of the Nawab.

In fact, a plan was finalized by them to the effect that Mir Jafar would be the next Nawab and others would receive fabulous monetary rewards.


This was how a conspiracy was hatched against Siraj.