Balban was the first Sultan of Delhi who took certain effective steps to stem the tide of the Mongol invasion. Firstly, Balban was so alert to the evil design of the Mongols that he normally did not leave the capital Delhi.

Secondly, as a permanent measure to resist the Mongol invasion Balban had undertaken major repair, work of all the fortresses situated in the frontier areas of north-western India Particularly in the three fortresses of Bhatinda, Sunam and Samana strong forces were posted in order to prevent the mongols from crossing the river Beas.

Thirdly, Balban also built new forts in the frontier areas where strong forces were deployed to resist the Mongols. Fourthly, the civil administration of two frontier provinces of Multan and Samana was strengthened by appointing ablest governor in these two. This was how Balban sought to defend the country against the possible Mongol invasion.