What were the responsibility for the Reign of Terror?


Generally, it is accepted that Robespierre was responsible for the establishment of the Reign of Terror, but a prominent historian is of the view that Robespierre was neither the father, nor the dictator of the of Terror.

He lays the responsibility squarely on Carnot. Robespiert who was the beloved leader of Paris mob, had the wrong notion that the people liked this ‘Reign of Terror’ and so in order to maintain his position, he supported it.

He was not bloodthirsty by nature. Some others lay stress on the point that Danton was responsible for it but this charge has no weightage because Danton was the first person who proposed the withdrawal of the ‘Reign of Terror’ after the fear of Austrian attack was over and the internal condition of France had improved.


But he was executed due to this proposal and Robespierre held the power to himself. Therefore, Robespierre is held responsible for the reign of terror for he did not accept its futility even after the restoration of peace and order in France.

Thus to justify the establishment of the Reign of Terror we can say that it saved the country from decadence by punishing the foreign enemies, traitors of the country, corrupt officials and black marketers and profiteers, but before its terroristic activities, all the achievements of the Reign of Terror pale into insignificance.

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