Social Life during the time of Kondavidu rulers


The frequent invasions by the Muslim kings of the north made a profound effect on Hindu society. An effort was made to present a united front to the invaders by consolidating the Hindu social order.

The religious observances which were hitherto the exclusive privilege of the Brahmans were thrown open to all the three castes.

Emphasis was laid on observances of rituals by individuals and charity. The births, marriage and funeral customs were observed as prescribed in the scriptures. People kept fasts on certain days such as ekadasi, sivaratri, dwadasi, etc.


The persons who immolated themselves by fasting and praying to a deity were greatly honoured. Towers were raised in their memory. Nayudu Mandappa was built in honour of the heroes of Palrad.

The custom of sati was prevalent. The women who burnt themselves willingly on the pyre of their dead husbands were greatly respected. Their images in stone were made and worshipped.

There were a number of festivals which people observed with great solemnity throughout the year. Some of the important festivals were Vasantamahotsava or the spring festival Dipavah, Lakshmi utsava, Krishna Pushkarang, Ardhodaya Punyakala, Mahodaya Punyakala Madanamahotsava, etc.

The greatest contribution of the Kondavidu kings was the consolidation of the Hindu society in a well-knit social order who were thus able to present a united front to the mvaders and preserve the ancient traditions and values of the Hindu dharma.

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