The following were the main difficulties which the Legislative Assembly faced during that period:

1. By this time, Louis XVI was leading a life of a prisoner and therefore, many people began to sympathies with him. They wanted to restore him to the old privileged position.

The greatest opponents of the revolution were the priests and feudal lords who had emigrated. Their number had increased by leaps and bounds after the king’s arrival in Paris. The process of migration started after the fall of the fortress of Bastille.

The priests who refused to swear by the civil constitution of the clergy left France and went to Austria and England. The brother of the king was the leader of the emigres. They were also supported by many anti-revolution leaders.


Many citizens of France were opponents of the revolution. The king and the queen were making efforts to seek the help of foreign countries to crush the revolution. They had also established contacts with the emigres.

Thus there were several difficult problems before the newly formed Legislative Assembly and it had to face them. First of all, Legislative Assembly passed the following resolutions and sought the assent of the king.