What were the demerits of the Permanent Settlement?


It may be said that the Permanent Settlement did not benefit any one of those for whom it was meant. In the first place, in ultimate analysis the Permanent Settlement adversely affected the interests of the government.

As the settlement was made on a permanent basis there was no scope for revision of the amount of revenue by the government.

Secondly, in return for a fixed government demand the zamindars were deprived of many powers and privileges enjoyed by them previously.


Thirdly, the Permanent Settlement required the payment of the yearly revenue by the zamindar on or before the sun­set of a particular day.

Failure to pay the money deprived the zamindar of his estates. Owing to the stringent sun-set laws many of the traditional zamindars lost their estates within a very short time after the introduction of the Permanent Settlement.

Fourthly, the Permanent Settlement totally ignored the interests of the ryots or tenants.

Since the zamindars now became the owners of land oppression of the ryots by zamindars increased manifold. A large section of the ryots (tenants) was dispossessed of their land to become landless laborers.

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