What were the contributions of Sufism?


The contributions of Sufism may be described as follows. Firstly, the universal appeal of Sufism helped to create an atmosphere in which the Hindus and Muslims could come closer.

Secondly, the tombs of the Sufi saints became centers of pilgrimage for both the Hindus and Muslims.

Thirdly, recitation of Hindi poetry at Sufi gathering was an important factor that contributed to the enrichment of the Hindi language and literature.


Fourthly, use of Urdu by the Sufi saints in their preaching gave the language much importance. This accounts for the future prosperity of the language.

Fifthly, the Sufi saints used to live a very simple life that contributed to their acceptance by the common people.

Sixthly, the sufis by singing kawali song created a sort of a mood of nearness with God.

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