The French people were greatly agitated at the defeat of France in the War of 1792 and they made an attack on the palace of Tuileries in Paris where the king was residing after his unsuccessful flight.

The king anyhow pacified the crowd by donning the red cap of the revolution. But the Austrian emperor felt that the revolutionaries tended to spread anarchy in France in order to abolish the monarchy.

The Duke of Brunswick, the supreme commander of the combined forces of Austria and Prussia, made a declaration: “Our aim in making an attack on France is to destroy the revolutionaries.

Whosoever opposes us, will be punished and their houses will be set afire. If any harm has been done to the king or his family then entire Paris will be blown up and the citizens will be severely punished.”


The people of France felt insulted by this declaration, and it proved that the king was a party to the d -signs of the foreigners. Therefore, the uncontrolled mob of Paris made a fierce attack on the royal palace on 10th of August 1792.

They killed six hundred Swiss bodyguards of the king and after murdering an officer of the National Guards looted the royal palace.

Three hundred seventy six members of the mob were killed in this it mishap and the king was compelled to take shelter in the chamber of the National Assembly. From this day to the day of his death, the king remained a prisoner in the fort of Temple.