(a) Britain recognized independence of the colonies. All the hostilities ceased and the British agreed to withdraw all land and sea forces at an early date.

(b) The boundaries of United States were vaguely fixed at the Great Lakes and Canada on the north; the Mississippi on the west, and the Florida on the south at 31 north latitude. This gave America an area of about 827,800 square miles with a population of about 3,25,000 people.

(c) The navigation of Mississippi was to be open and free to both nations and the Americans were to be have fishing rights on the banks of New Foundland and on the Canadian shore.

(d) Florida, which Britain had acquired from Spain by the Treaty of 1763 was returned back to Spain by a separate treaty. Great Britain got back Gibralter in Europe.


(e) Congress was pledged to earnestly recommend to the legislatures of the States a full restoration of the rights and property of the loyalists confiscated by them. In addition there was to be no further prosecution of the loyalists.

(f) The Americans agreed, the Congress should recommend to the states that all debts due from Americans to British merchants should be paid and that no legal obstacles be put in the way of their collection in the Courts.