What was the reaction of the imposition of the Treaty of Versailles upon Germany?


a. War-guilt Clause:

War-guilt clause that was imposed upon Germany stated that Germany accepts the responsibility for causing all the loss and damage due to the War.

b. Reaction of Germany:


The reaction of the Germans was immediate. They cried that they had been ‘stabbed in the back’. The Germans considered that they had been cheated by the Allies who had ignored the ideals of Wilson’s Fourteen Principles.

c. Reaction of the Germans to the Versailles Treaty:

The treaty of Versailles was signed between the defeated Germany and the victorious Allied Powers. It is better to say that the provisions of the treaty were imposed upon Germany. That is why the Treaty of Versailles was called a ‘dictated peace’. Naturally, the reaction such an imposed treaty was bound to be adverse.

Hitler took advantage of the German people’s discontent and grabbed the state power. Hitler’s primary objective now was to repudiate the treaty of Versailles. Britain and France realizing the wrongs Germany by the Treaty of Versailles tried to appease Hitler had a disastrous effect as Germany started annexing countries after another. This eventually led to the World War II.

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