What was the mansabdari system?


The mansabdari system was the creation of Akbar (1557). Mansabdar constituted the ruling class of the Mughal period. Akbar realized from the very beginning the need to consolidate the Mughal nobility and the military personnel into a composite class for the best interests of the Mughal empire.

The Mansabdari system fulfilled this objective as desired by Akbar. Under this system, an officer was assigned a rank or mansab e.g. Ek hajari mansabdar, Panch hajari mansabdar, etc. The lowest rank was 10, the highest being 5000. Of course, princes of royal blood used to receive the higher mansabs.

Mansabdars received salary in cash in accordance with their respective rank. A mansabdar was required to be present with his corps on summon. They lived lives of ostentation and luxury.

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