What was the educational policy adopted by the British in India?


Initially the British were not at all interested in introducing a definite educational policy in India. Rather English education was introduced first by the Christian missionaries.

The first directive from the British government in England in this regard came in 1813. It was directed that a sum of rupees 1-lakh was to be spent annually for the spread of education in India.

But no positive step in this regard could be taken till 1835. For, there started a great debate that later on came to be known as the ‘Anglicist-Orientalist controversy’.


Anglicizes were in favor of introducing western education in India. The Orientals, on the other hand, were in favor of introducing oriental learning.

However, the matter was resolved by Lord William Bentinck in 1835 with the help of Macaulay. Macaulay in his famous Minute of 1835 vouched for the introduction of Western education in India.

Armed with the support of Macaulay Lord William Bentinck finally decided in favor of Western education as the official policy.

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