What problems did Balban encounter at the time of his enthronement and what measures did Balban take to solve these problems?


a. The Problems:

Ghiyasuddin Balban came upon the throne at a time when the country had fallen into utter confusion due to the incompetence of the successors of Iltutmish.

The nobles at the court had become selfish and disobedient.


The country was subjected to foreign attacks. And the Mewati brigands were carrying on loot and murder in the neighbourhood of Delhi.

b. Measures Taken:

Balban set himself to the task of remedying the evils from which the country had been suffering.

First of all, Balban took necessary steps to restore peace and security in the country.


In order to put down the rebellious Rajput zamindars and the Mewati plunderers Balban destroyed all their strongholds in Delhi, Oudh and adjoining areas.

As a result the roads of the areas were now free from robbers and dacoits. Balban also took certain steps of permanent nature to safeguard the Delhi sultanate against the Mongol invasion.

Under his orders new strong fortresses were built in the north-western frontier which was placed under the command of very efficient generals.

Besides, Balban reorganized the armed forces and thorough reforms were introduced in civil administration.


Besides, in order to emphasize that the nobles were not his equals and to impress the people of the strength of the sultan, Balban maintained a magnificent court.

He also introduced carat Persian etiquettes and ceremonials in his court to be obeyed by all. Tughril Khan, the rebel governor of Bengal was ruthlessly suppressed by Balban.

This was how Balban saved the Sultanate from impending disintegration. In fact, Balban was the ‘savior of the Delhi Sultanate’.

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