What led the zamindars to break out in rebellion during the British rule? Why did the rajas of Dhalbhum become a rebel and when? – Answered

a. The Zamindars in Revolt:

There are many instances when the zamindars burst out in rebellion against the British.

This was not without reason. The British government after receiving the grant of Diwani in 1765 brought too much pressure upon both the zamindars and the peasants to increase revenue.


In many cases the peasants being unable to meet the revenue-demand rebelled against the British. There are also instances when the zamindars burst into rebellion.

For example, the zamindars of Sandwip with the support of the peasants rebelled against the British in 1769.

b. The Rajas of Dhalbhum:

Another instance of how zamindars and small rajas, being unable to bear the pressure of the revenue demand, burst out in rebellion was the rebellion of the rajas and zamindars of Dhalbhum between 1769 and 1774.