The following arguments have been advanced in support of welfare state.

1. Welfare state is a positive state; it is not a police state. It does not regard itself as an agency of “power; instead, it is more of an institution devoted to the service and welfare of people, particularly those who are poor and weak.

2. While aiming at the all-round development of people, welfare state tries to provide them with their basic minimums.

3. Its ideal is social and economic justice. Monopoly of wealth and privileges is to go, and all kinds of inequality are to be abolished.


4. It seeks to expedite development and abolish poverty so that people remain happy and healthy. It is the duty of welfare state to provide food, shelter and health facilities to people. It focuses on education as a catalyst of development.

5. Welfare state avoids extremes because these are good neither for individual nor for society. It is a compromise between individualism and socialism.