How to uplift scheduled castes and tribes in India ?


The scheduled castes and tribes in Indian can be uplifted by the below given points:

At a Glance

1. Our Constitution guarantees equal rights to all its citizens. It also gives special privileges to the backward and the exploited sections of our society.

2. The scheduled castes have been provided with reservation in jobs and institutions of higher learning.


3. To ensure the participation of SC’s and ST’s in the governmental process, certain seats have been reserved for them in the Lok Sabha and the State Legislative Assembly.

4. The scheduled tribes live mainly in forests and mountainous areas. Most of them lead a very simple life as nomadic hunters and food gatherers.

5. The scheduled tribes have been given the same kind of concessions and reservations as the scheduled castes.

6. Reservation up to twenty-seven per cent has been provided for the other backward classes in government jobs.

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