a. End of the Colonialism:

Within a few years after the end of the Second World War a large number of countries in Asia became independent. They achieved their independence from the colonial rule.

Several causes account for the liberation of the Asian countries from the colonial rule: (1) The colonial powers of Europe devastated by the Second World War were no longer in a position to continue their hold over their colonies in Africa..

(2) The Second World War considered to be a war waged for freedom of nations and to make the world safe for democracy.


Naturally in the subjugated countries of Africa forces of freedom earned strength.

(3) The setting up of the socialist governments in Eastern Europe was also a factor that weakened the power of the imperialist countries of Europe to sustain colonies in far away Africa.

b. Two Asian Countries:

The two Asian countries that were divided during the course of their freedom movement were Vietnam and Korea.


While Vietnam emerged as a unified nation later, Korea has remained divided till now.

c. Ho Chi Minh :

Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese communist politician Ho Chi Minh continue to fight for independence and finally succeeded.

He was the President of the North Vietnam from 1955 to 1969.