The foreign policy of India essentially was based on the principles that had guided the Congress in the pre-independence period.

However, the principles on which India’s foreign policy based may be discussed as follows:

(1) first, is the promotion of world peace. In fact, Gandhiji’s legacy of pacifisim lies behind India’s continuous endeavor for peace. India’s mission was to maintain friendly and Co-operative relations with all nations.

(2) Second, principle is the freedom of nations. India was and is a firm believer in the freedom of nations. She opposed to any sort of imposition of one country upon the other.


(3) Third, India having suffered all the evils of colonialism and imperialist domination she is committed to this cause. For his reason India has taken a firm stand on racial and colonial issues in the United Nations.

(4) Fourth, another principle of India’s foreign policy is to maintain clear distance from two Power blocs. India wants to be able to determine her foreign policy independently.

These are in short the basic principles of India’s foreign policy.