The news of surrender by Cornwalis with seven thou­sand troops was shocking to Lord North. He advised King George to accept the independence of America. However, the King was obstinate enough to accept the defeat.

The Parliament, against the wishes of King George and Lord North, voted against the continuance of the war on March 20, 1782. This led to the fail of North’s Ministry and ultimately George III submitted. This also marked the end of the personal rule of the King and the estabishment of the constitutional government in England.

The King was forced to call the Whigs to form the ministry. The Whigs’ attitude towards the American people was friendly and they wanted to keep the French influence away from America. This could be possible only if generous terms of peace were offered to the Americans. Accordingly, the preliminary terms for a treaty were agreed at Paris on November 30, 1782 when the Articles of Peace were signed. The final treaty was not signed till September 3, 1783, when the French and the British also entered into a peace treaty.