The ideal before Indian nationalism was the progress of the people of India


The ideal before Indian nationalism was the progress of the people of India. But as India was under the rule of the British and that rule was the biggest obstacle in the way of development of the people, therefore, achievement of independence was the primary aim of Indian nationalism, In this endeavour achievement of unity of the whole subcontinent was the immediate objective. It was thought appropriate in the field of social welfare and upliftment of people later on.

It is often said that India is not a nation, but a continent composed of various nationalities, castes, religious groups and tribes who differed in racial elements, language, religion, customs and traditions.

The national movement, various socio-religions movement, the British rule and western education contributed to the growth of Indian nationalism. Macauley who was responsible for introducing the western system of education brought educated Indians to a common platform. Apart from this, the British rule was instrumental in the growth of nationalism. The fast network of communication and transportation, built by the British made it possible for Indians to come together and to communicate with one another and to 1 discuss the evils of the British rule. The British administration had built up the system of railways, road transport, post and telegraph in order to enable themselves to administer the country efficiently.

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