Srimara Srivallabha had two sons, Varaguna and Parantaka


Srimara Srivallabha had two sons, Varaguna and Parantaka. He was succeeded by his first son Varaguna II who participated in the unsuccessful battle of Uruppurambiyam. During Varaguna’s reign, a combination of the Pallava and the Chola led by Aparajita, Prithvipati I and Aditya I respectively fought the Pandya in this decisive battle.

This battle decided the future course of the history of Tamilnad. It paved the way for the permanent extinction of the Pallavas; it was the first indication of the rising power of the Cholas; the Ganga king lost his life. The Pandya was obliged to withdraw to the south of the Kaviri. This battle seems to have been provoked by an earlier invasion of the Tanjore region by Varaguna II.

This Varaguna was a great devotee of Murugan of Tiruchendur. Manikkavachagar and Pattinattar praised his devotion to Siva; Nambiandar Nambi refers to this king in his Tiruvandadi. The king’s last days were clouded by domestic disturbances and dynastic rivalries. His younnger brother Parantaka drove him from power and usurped the throne. Varaguna II died childless.

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