1789 Beginning of the French Revolution and declaration of the Rights of Man issued.

1790 Leopold II ascended the throne of Austria.

1791 Death of Mirabeau and flight of Louis XVI from France.

1792 The National Convention formed.


1793 Establishment of the Reign of Terror and execution of Louis XVI.

1794 Death of Danton and fall of Robespierre.

1795 Establishment of the Rule of Directory.

1796 Napoleon’s campaign of Italy.


1797 Treaty of Campo Formio signed.

1798 Battle of Nile.

1799 Napoleon became First Cansulate of France.

1800 Battle of Mrengo.


1802 Concordat was concluded and Peace of Amiens was made.

1804 Napoleon became the Emperor of France.

1805 Formation of Third coalition.

1806 Treaty of Pressburg and beginning of continental system.


1807 Decree of Warsaw was proclaimed.

1809 Matternich became the Chancellor of Austria.

1812 Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.

1814 Louis XVIII issued a Liberal Charter.


1815 Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Waterloo.

1818 Congress of Aix la Chapelle held.

1819 Decree of Carlsbad was proclaimed in Germany.

1820 Minder of Duke of Berry and Congress of Troppau.


1821 Congress of Laiback.

1822 Congress of Verona took place.

1823 Declaration of Monroe Doctrine.

1825 Revolt of the Liberals of Russia in December.

1828 Russia declared war against Turkey.

1829 Treaty of Adrianople.

1830 Abduction of Charles X, and accession of Louis Philippe.

1832 Appointment of Guizot as minister.

1833 Treaty of Unkiar Skelessi.

1840 Guizot recognised as Chief Minister of France.

1842 Treaty of London.

1848 The Year of miracles & revolutions.

1850 The King of Prussia gave a new Constitution to his people.

1852 Napoleon III became emperor of France.

1854 Outbreak of Crimean War.

1855 Fall of Sebastopol.

1856 Treaty of Paris was signed.

1858 Pact between Napoleon III and Cavour at Plombieres.

1859 Bismarck’s appointment as Ambassador to Russia.

1861 William is accession in Germany.

1863 Schleswig was incorporated into Denmark.

1866 Outbreak of Austro-Prussian War.

1869 Suez Canal was opened to traffic.

1870 Franco-Prussian War, and surrender of Napoleon III, and unification of Italy and Germany.