Short Notes on the acquisition of Venetia in 1866


At the time of the death of Cavour, the whole of Italy had been united except Venetia and Rome. The state of Venetia was a part of Austrian Empire and Rome was the capital of the Papal States.

Napoleon III had deputed his army in Rome in 1849. The history of the freedom movement of these two states is related with the unification of Germany.

In 1866, there ensued a war between Prussia and Austria. Bismarck planned the background of this war to free the northern provinces of Germany from Austria. Victor Emmanuel, the king of the united Italy also wanted to take part in the war to take Venetia from Austria.


He, therefore, promised to give military help to Prussia against Austria in the war. According to the treaty, the army of Italy took part in the war. The results of the war were momentous. Austria was badly defeated at Sadowa.

A treaty was concluded between Austria and Prussia. According to it Austria had to cede Venetia to Italy.

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