Short Notes on Kongani Varman dynasty


On the whole the dynasty consisted of 25 rulers most of whom were Jainas. It was founded by Konganivarma perhaps in the second half of the fourth century.

He is also known as Madhava I. His original capital was Kolar. His successor was his brother’s son Madhava II who ruled from AD 400 to AD 435 and was a scholar in Sanskrit.

The fourth king Harivarman (AD 435-AD 460) changed the capital from Kolar to Talakad which is now in ruins in the neighbourhood of Sivasamudram.


There were moments when he was subordinate to the Pallavas. Harivarman donated a village to a Brahman who defeated a Buddhist in a philosophical debate.

The next ruler was Vishnugopa. He was originally a Jaina but later became a worshipper of Vishnu. His grandson and successor Madhava III (460-500) was a Saiva. He married a Kadamba princess. His successor was Avinita (500- 540). He became king even in his infancy. He was brought up and educated by Jainas. But he was tolerant and worshipped Siva also.

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