Short Essay on the September Massacre of 1792


In spite of all these happenings in France the battle against Austria and Prussia continued. The enemies captured the territory of Verdun. In this way the forces of the enemies reached very close to Paris. At this critical juncture the hunt for the enemies of the revolution began.

The Jacobin leaders including Dr. Marat and Danton began to royalists who were in jails. Every house in Paris was searched; and if one was suspected to be the supporter of the king, he was at once death.

This massacre continued from 2nd September to 6th September 1792 and about 1600 individuals were murdered during this period act of the Jacobins was extremely hateful, unjust and gruesome defamed and dishonoured the Revolution.


It was highly brutal inhuman to kill the innumerable persons on the basis of doubt that they were the supporters of the king. The persons, who performed such a deed, could not be said to be supporters of Revolution.

It expected of them that they would provide liberty, equality and fraternity to the people of France. A revolution which was begun to ensure three fundamental rights to the people ultimately developed into a string of ruthless murders and cruelties.

As a result of this massacre, a feeling of hatred and aversion welled up in various countries of Europe, began to lose the sympathy of its supporters. People in France to face great hardships and tortures during the terrorist reign Jacobins.

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