Short Essay on the Indonesian Struggle for Independence


When the people of Indonesia felt that the defeat of Japan was imminent, they prepared themselves to declare their independence.

A Preparatory Committee was formed to prepare the draft of a provisional constitution for the Republic of Indonesia and Sukarno ultimately declared the independence of Indonesia on 17th August 1945.

A red and white flag was hoisted by the wife of Sukarno and national anthem was sung in the independent Indonesia.


The people and civil servants all thronged to the new Republic. It was announced that henceforth the people and officials were required to follow the orders of the Republican government and they would ignore the orders of the Japanese.

All the people of Indonesia joined hands with one another in spite, of their political differences and expressed their willingness for the maintenance of the independence.

After the surrender of Japan, Britain awarded recognition to the Republic of Indonesia but the Dutch government did not agree to it and went on sending armies to Indonesia. It resulted in a large number of clashes between the Indonesians and the Dutch and at last the Dutch pressurised for talks.

After a long discussion Linggadjati Agreement was concluded 15th November 1946 and the Dutch government recognized the Republic but the national leaders of Indonesia could not be satisfied with agreement and as a result of it in March 1947 war again broke out between Holland and Indonesia.


The Dutch army defeated the government Sukarno and established her sway over Java, Madura and Sumatra.

The matter of Indonesia was referred to the Security Council India and Australia and after prolonged talks the Security Co ordered for the stoppage of war and the matter was referred to a committee of three members but no definite decision could be arrived at.

Although the Dutch government tried again and again to create disturbance and to arrest the leaders of Indonesia, the nationalists of Indonesia were not prepared to bow down.

As Indonesia had sympathy of various countries towards her war of Independence, they continued their struggle and ultimately succeeded in establishing the United Republic of Indonesia on 15th of August, 1950.

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