Short Essay on the Death of Count of Cavour


Owing to overwork Cavour fell ill. He suffered from fever and insomnia and he died on June 6, 1861. At the time of his death, he was only fifty one.

Cavour was one of the greatest diplomats of the nineteenth century. He always remained faithful to the political principle which was based upon the parliamentary system of government. He had no faith in dictatorship and autocracy.

He always worked with the cooperation of the parliament and the people of his kingdom. He used to say, “I always reel strongest when Parliament is sitting.” He was the first man who raised the question of Italy on the international platform.


It was the diplomatic ability and farsightedness of Cavour which helped him in the unification of Italy.

If there had been no Cavour, the efforts of Mazzini and Garibaldi would have gone to waste and one more chapter would have been added to the history of unproductive patriotism. As regards an estimate of Cavoius, Phillips, an eminent historian, has remarked:

“Italy as a nation is the legacy, the life-work of Cavour. Others have been devoted to the national liberation, he knew how to bring it into the sphere of possibility he kept it clear of reckless conspiracies, steered straight between rebels and reactions and gave it an organised force, flag, government and foreign allies.”

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