Sher Shah’s Conquest of Malwa and Raisn


Sher Shah attacked Malwa in 1542. Its conquest was necessary for the integrity and safety of the Kingdom. Sher Shah sent an expedition to Malwa. The Governor of the Fort of Gwalior submitted.

Conquest of Raisin (1543)

Raisin was in Central India. In 1542, Pooran Mai waited on Sher Shah and he was given many gifts by the king. Sher Shah wanted to have for himself the Fort of Raisin. He also came to know that Pooran Mai was trying to subjugate the Muslims and enslave their women. Sher Shah wanted to teach him a lesson. He went to Raisin via Mandu and besieged the same. The Fort was captured by a clever device. A large number of Hindu Men and Women were killed. Pooran Mai and his followers fought “like hogs at bay.”


Sher Shah has rightly been condemned for the manner in which he behaved towards Pooran Mai and his family. The latter surrendered the fort on the express promise of safe conduct. In spite of that, he and his followers were attacked unawares.

A daughter of Pooran Mai and three sons of his brother were captured alive and the rest were put to sword. The girl was given to itinerant minstrels (Bazigaran) that they might make her dance in the bazars. The boys were ordered to be castrated so that the race may be destroyed. In the words of Ishwari Prasad, “Such was the inhuman barbarity of Sher Shah towards an enemy who had relied upon plighted faith….”

Conquest of Multan and Sind

Sher Shah conquered Multan and Sind and occupied the Punjab which was vacated by Kamran.

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